Plastic Recovery and Recycling Project Accounting Program

Scaling Up Plastic Waste Recovery and Recycling

Public Consultation

We invite you to comment on the draft Plastic Recovery and Recycling Project Accounting Standard (Plastic Standard). This public consultation period is open for 60 days, from 26 February until 26 April.

Verra seeks input from a broad range of audiences as part of the ongoing multi-stakeholder process by which the Plastic Accounting Program is being developed. More than 30 technical experts representing over 15 countries — including environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs), recycling and waste management entities, project developers, related initiatives and potential end users — contributed to the initial draft for the Plastic Standard.

Public comments on the draft Plastic Standard will ensure that it is practical for use by all types of plastic waste recovery and recycling activities and that it meets corporates’ needs. We invite anyone involved or interested in plastic waste recovery and recycling activities, as well as private and public entities interested in directing financial support to such activities, to review the document.

Our online public consultation will be run through Collaborase, an online system that facilitates transparency by collating all submitted comments on one interactive platform. It allows reviewers to provide comments by section, save them and return at a later date and update previously-made comments. Collaborase can also be easily accessed with mobile devices such as a smartphone.

Register to provide comments using Collaborase

We prefer receiving comments in Collaborase and think you’ll find it easiest to use as well; however, if you are unable to access the software and/or need to download documents to review offline, please use the below PDF and comments template. All comments made outside of Collaborase should be made in the comments template.

PDF of Plastic Standard

Excel Comment Template


A webinar to provide an overview of the Plastic Standard and how to participate in the consultation will be held at the following times:

    • 5 March, 6pm-7:30pm US EST — Click here to view the slides of the webinar; click here to view the recording of the webinar.
    • 26 March, 11am-12pm US EDT — click here to register

Webinar slides and recordings of the second webinar will also be posted on this webpage after the event.

Please contact with any questions on the Plastic Standard consultation process.

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