Linked Standards & Programs

VCS provides multiple pathways for linking credits across programs, standards and markets.

Linked Standards

VCS credits can be “labeled’ with additional certifications when a project meets the requirements set out by a participating standard or program. Participating standards currently include:

How can projects issue VCUs labeled with an additional certification?

Projects that meet the requirements of a participating standard may request to issue VCUs labeled with an additional certification. Projects must submit all required documents to the VCS registry system before VCUs are issued.

See required documents for labeled VCU

How do other standards or programs gain acceptance as labels for VCS credits?

A standard, program or set of requirements developed by a non-profit or government organization can become a participating standard by meeting the eligibility requirements set out in the VCS Policy on Labels and Other Standards

Other Programs

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Verified Carbon Standard

The VCS Program is the world’s leading voluntary program for the certification of GHG emission reduction projects

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Scaling up the sustainability of productive landscapes

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Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard

The SD VISta Program The Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta) is a flexible…

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