Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Leakage and Non-Permanence Working Groups

JNR Leakage Working Group members:

  • Ken Andrasko, World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
  • Steven DeGryze, Terra Global Capital
  • Steve Dettman, ERA Ecosystem Restoration Associates Inc
  • Gabriel Eickhoff, Forest Carbon
  • Toby Janson‐Smith, VCS (formerly Conservation International)
  • Ruben Lubowski, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Robert O’Sullivan, Forest, Carbon, Markets and Communities
  • Peter Schlesinger, Independent
  • Gordon Smith, Wildlife Works Carbon
  • Nicole Virgilio, The Nature Conservancy

JNR Non-Permanence Risk Working Group members:

  • Ken Andrasko, World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
  • Christian Dannecker, South Pole Carbon Asset Management
  • Leslie Durschinger, Terra Global Capital
  • Manuel Estrada, Independent
  • Toby Janson-Smith, VCS, (formerly Conservation International)
  • Tim Pearson, Winrock International
  • Eveline Trines, Scope 14+

The working groups were tasked with developing two Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ tools: the Tool for Estimation of Jurisdictional Leakage in VCS JNR Programs and the JNR Non-Permanence Risk Tool. The tools received additional input from government and technical experts working to pilot JNR programs. The tools also underwent peer review and testing by a number of jurisdictional government representatives. A complete list of peer reviewers will be available soon.

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Photo: Paul Vincent

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