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JNR Risk Mapping Tool Consultation

On 15 April 2021, we released a public consultation for a new JNR Risk Mapping Tool

The VCS Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) Requirements provide the rules for jurisdictional REDD+ programs and nested lower-level programs and projects developed under the VCS Program. The JNR v4.0 framework requires the use of the JNR Allocation Tool (JNR AT) to estimate jurisdictionally-aligned nested project baselines and lower-level jurisdictional Forest Reference Emission Levels (FRELs) from the higher-level jurisdictional FREL. This tool enables jurisdictional proponents to allocate the jurisdictional FREL to projects and lower-level jurisdictional programs based on the deforestation and/or degradation risk found in the project or lower-level program areas.

The JNR AT is intended to achieve the following goals:

  1. Jurisdictional FRELs are constructed in line with the JNR Requirements.
  2. Jurisdictional FRELs are allocated using a consistent methodological approach (i.e., based on risk) within the jurisdictional program boundary and across jurisdictional programs adopting the JNR framework.
  3. Emission reduction estimates from all jurisdictional elements (including nested projects and lower-level jurisdictional programs) are accurate, conservative and fungible across the JNR portfolio.

A key input to the JNR AT is the spatially explicit assessment of the risk of deforestation and/or forest degradation (i.e., a risk map). This risk map provides the information to allocate portions of the jurisdictional FREL to specific areas within the jurisdictional boundaries in a proportion that corresponds to the deforestation or degradation risk faced by such areas. Under the JNR Requirements, v4.0, jurisdictional proponents are required to develop a risk map depicting up to 30 risk classes for each REDD activity included in the jurisdictional FREL. The maps must also include an additional class depicting areas of insignificant risk.

Verra is releasing this consultation at the same time as the JNR Version 4 launch because the risk map is a key component of the JNR AT, and we encourage users of the JNR AT to pilot the draft JNR Risk Mapping Tool before it it is finalized.

Consultation Documents

  1. Risk Mapping Consultation Overview
  2. DRAFT JNR Risk Mapping Tool

Public Comments

The consultation will run for 60 days, from 15 April through 14 June 2021. Please provide comments in any form, including by email or by preparing formal documents, and send those to by 14 June 2021. After the consultation, your input will be used to finalize and release the JNR Risk Mapping Tool.


We will host two webinars, one in English and one in Spanish, to provide an overview of the updates made to the JNR framework and the proposed JNR Risk Mapping Tool.

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