Grouped OFF-GRID Renewable Energy Project in India





The project designs, builds and operates decentralized off-grid solar and biomass energy power plants in un-electrified or partially electrified and predominantly rural areas in India. The project increases electricity access and reliability to local customers who previously relied on personal fossil fuel generators or the unreliable fossil fuel powered grid. The electricity provided by the project activity will be less expensive than purchasing personal generators and the fuel required to power them. The project will  be contributing to the local economic development by providing local job opportunities, training workers thereby increasing the local employment capacity and allowing local business to operate longer and more consistent hours with the more reliable electricity supply.

This project is undergoing validation to the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard. The project underwent public comment from 18 September to 18 October 2019:

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undergoing validation

SD VISta Claims:

SDG Target 7.1: Increase the proportion of population with access to electricity by providing 40 MWh of renewable electricity.

SDG Target 8.5: Implement activities to decrease unemployment by providing 57 jobs.

SDG Goal 13: Implement activities to avoid 383,658 tCO2e of emissions.



Project Proponent:

Swiss Carbon Value Ltd


Other Standards:

VCS Program

Project Documents:

SD VISta Project Description Draft

SD VISta Project Description Summary Draft



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