Advisory Committee on Jursidictional and Nested REDD+


  • Charlotte Streck and Robert O’Sullivan, Climate Focus
  • Toby Janson‐Smith, VCS (formerly Conservation International)
  • Naomi Swickard, Verra

Advisory Committee members:

  • Linda Adams, Climate Action Reserve Chair, USA
  • Dr. Girma Amente, Director General, Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise, Ethiopia
  • Benoit Bosquet, Team Leader, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)
  • Alejandro Callejas Linares, Deputy Environment Secretary, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Marco Chiu, Undersecretary of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Ecuador
  • Mariano Colini CenamoExecutive Director, Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (IDESAM), Brazil
  • Dr. Mark Dangerfield, Technical Director, GreenCollar Climate Solutions, Australia
  • Christian Del Valle, Director – Environmental Markets & Forestry, BNP Paribas, UK
  • Joanna Durbin, Director, Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance, USA
  • Adam Diamant, Senior Project Manager, Global Climate Change Program, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA
  • José Carlos Fernandez, Head of International Affairs and Financial Development Unit, National Forestry Commission, Mexico
  • Greg Fishbein, Managing Director, Forest Carbon, The Nature Conservancy, USA
  • Andrea García-Guerrero, Chief of Climate Change Mitigation Group, Ministry of Environment, Colombia
  • Tobias Garritt, Advisory Board Member, Papua Low Carbon Development Task Force & CEO,  Emerald Planet, Indonesia
  • Nicolas Grondard, Project Officer, ONF International, France
  • Bruno Guay, Technical Advisor, National REDD Coordination of the DRC, UNDP /United Nations REDD program (UN-REDD), Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Jeffrey Hayward, Director, Climate Program, Rainforest Alliance, USA
  • Rezal Kusumaatmadja, Partner, Starling Resources, Indonesia
  • Monica Julissa De Los Rios, Commissioned Charge at the Institute of Regulation, Control and Registration, Acre State Government, Brazil
  • Ludovino Lopes, Partner, Ludovino Lopes Lawyers, Brazil
  • Dr. Lucio Pedroni, President and Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Decisions International, Costa Rica
  • Lucia Ruiz, Executive Director, CIMA Cordillera Azul, Peru
  • Dr. D. Andrew Wardell, Programme Director, Forests and Governance, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia

Technical Expert Leads:

  • Dr. Steven De Gryze, Managing Director, Carbon Analytics, Terra Global Capital, LLC
  • Manuel Estrada, Independent Consultant
  • Adam Gibbon, Natural Capital Lead, AXA Investment Managers
  • Dr. Timothy Pearson, Program Officer II, Ecosystem Services, Winrock International

Technical Experts:

  • William Garrett, Principal Consultant, Camco
  • Dil Raj Khanal, Policy Facilitator, The Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal
  • Dr. Ruben Lubowski, Senior Economist, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Dr. Marcelo Rocha, Founder and Partner, Fabrica Ethica Brasil – Sustainability Consultancy
  • Zoe Ryan, Forest Carbon Specialist, Fauna & Flora International
  • David Shoch, M.F., Director of Forestry and Technical Services, TerraCarbon LLC
  • Joanna Silver, Vice President, Environmental Market Product Design & Development, Markit Group Limited
  • Dr. Gordon Smith, Carbon Development Director, Wildlife Works Carbon LLC
  • Georgina Varley, Manager, Macquarie Global Investments, Macquarie Bank
  • Dr. Sarah Walker, Program Officer II, REDD+ Specialist, Winrock International

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Photo: Paul Vincent

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