3R Project Standard Development Committee

The development of the 3R Standard for Project Accounting will be guided by a multi-stakeholder Project Standard Development Committee (PSDC). The PSDC includes representatives of social groups, environmental NGOs, recycling and waste management experts, government representatives, complementary initiatives, potential project developers, intermediaries, end users and assessment experts. The PSDC will approve the first version of the Project Standard before its release.

The terms of reference for this committee can be found here.

Current Members

  • Daniela Albuquerque, BVRio
  • Patrick Burgi, South Pole
  • Jim Cannon, Verra Board Member
  • Lindsay Christianson, Plastic Bank
  • Joi Danielson, SystemIQ
  • Rachel Goldstein, Mars
  • Alix Grabowski, WWF
  • Richard Helling, Dow
  • Mark Kenber, Verra Board Member
  • Vivien Luk, WORK
  • Christie Pollet-Young, SCS
  • Cesar Sanches, ValGroup
  • Lakmini Senadheera, Sustainable Future Group
  • Komal Sinha, rePurpose
  • Kendall Starkman, Lonely Whale

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