VCS Offset Project Registry Fee Schedule

VCS Offset Project Registry Fee Schedule
Account opening/set up (one-time) $300.00
Account maintenance (annual)* $300.00
Project listing submission (per project) $500.00
Issuance** (Non-forestry projects) [Estimated issuance*** x $0.16] capped at $10,000
Issuance** (Forestry projects) [(Estimated issuance*** – Buffer****) x $0.16] capped at $10,000
Activation/cancellation (Non-forestry projects) [(Total issuance x $0.16) – Issuance fee]
Activation/cancellation (Forestry projects) [(Total issuance – Buffer) x $0.16] + [Buffer x $0.04] – [Issuance fee]
ROC holding $5,000
Transfer (per unit) $0.03
Cancellation of early action VCUs (per unit) $0.03


* This fee is charged on 1 January of each year.

** This fee is assessed at the time the Annual Offset Project Data Report (OPDR) is submitted to VCS.

*** As provided in the Annual OPDR.

**** As provided in the Annual OPDR.

† This fee is assessed at the time the Offset Project Operator (OPO) activates its ROCs for sale to another party or cancels its ROCs in order to be issued ARBOCs.

‡ This fee is assessed when a project that has issued ROCs has not activated or cancelled those ROCs within three months of issuance. This fee will continue to be charged quarterly thereafter until the ROCs have been activated and cancelled with the total charges not to exceed the balance due at activation/cancellation.

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