JNR Advisory, Stakeholder and Government Engagement Groups

Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Advisory Group

The Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Advisory Group complements the existing JNR Stakeholder Group to strengthen Verra’s technical expertise for the development of JNR and project-level REDD+ related updates. The JNR AG provides technical guidance on specific JNR requirements such as forest reference emission level, uncertainty, monitoring, quantification and nesting.

  • Adam Gibbon, MSc., AXA Investment Managers
  • Andres Espejo, MSc., World Bank
  • Donna Lee, MA and M Ed., Calyx Global
  • Lucio Pedroni, PhD., Carbon Decisions International
  • Robert O’Sullivan, LLM., GreenCollar
  • Till Neeff, PhD., Independent Consultant
  • Tim Pearson, PhD., GreenCollar

All members participate in their personal capacity.

Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Stakeholder Group

The JNR Stakeholder Group (JNR SG, previously “JNR Expert Group”) is a multi-stakeholder group that provides feedback and guidance on the JNR updates. The group also advises on existing and prospective new requirements and tools, such as the JNR Allocation Tool and JNR Risk Mapping Tool.

  • Adam Gibbon, AXA Investment Managers
  • Adriana Yepes, FAO
  • Agustin Silvani, Conservation International
  • Andrea Guerrero
  • Andres Espejo, World Bank
  • Beatriz Zapata, Southpole
  • Brian McFarland, Carbonfund.org Foundation, Inc.
  • Charlie Williams, Clean Air Action
  • Charlotte Streck, Climate Focus
  • Chris Smith, Fauna and Flora
  • Chris Stephenson, Plan Vivo
  • Christie Pollet-Young, SCS Global
  • Christine Schuh, Le.ef consulting group
  • Christopher Webb, The Nature Conesrvancy
  • Contanza Troppa, CONAF (Chile)
  • David Shoch, TerraCarbon
  • Diana Vargas, IDEAM (Colombia)
  • Donna Lee, Independent Consultant
  • Dragisic Christine, U.S. Department of State
  • Edit Kiss, Althelia
  • Edward Rumsey, Permian Global
  • Edwin Aalders, DNV GL
  • Fabiano Godoy, Conservation International
  • Felipe Cassarim, Winrock International
  • Francisco Charry, MADS (Colombia)
  • Freddy Argotty, MINAM (Peru)
  • James Eaton, Ostrya Conservation
  • James Smith, WBCSD
  • Javier Cano, International Consultant
  • Jennifer Henman, British Petroleum
  • Joel Scriven, Shell
  • Jorge Torres, Paskay
  • Jose Maria Michel, Independent Consultant
  • Julian Gonzalo Jimenez, World Bank
  • Kelley Hamrick, The Nature Conservancy
  • Kenset Rosales, MARN (Guatemala)
  • Kyle Holland, EP Carbon
  • Leslie Durschinger, Terra Global Capital
  • Lorenzo Mandias, Shell
  • Lucio Pedroni, Carbon Decisions International
  • Martin Kaonga, Fauna and Flora
  • Mike Korchinsky, Wildlife Works
  • Nadir Pallquie, MINAM (Peru)
  • Natasha Calderwood, Conservation International
  • Pablo Llopis, Shell
  • Paz Lozano, Ecopartners
  • Pedro Soares, IDESAM (Brasil)
  • Robert O’Sullivan, GreenCollar Group
  • Sarah Walker, Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Scott Settelmyer, TerraCarbon
  • Silvia Gomez, GreenOxx
  • Theron Morgan, Independent Consultant
  • Thiago Chagas, Climate Focus
  • Till Neeff, Independent Consultant

Government Consultations

During the JNR Requirements update process, Verra discussed a number of issues related to jurisdictional nested REDD+ implementation with several national and subnational governments, including Peru, Cambodia, Guatemala, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Surinam, Costa Rica, and Paraguay, among others.

Moreover, the JNR Allocation Tool design received feedback from the experiences obtained during the ongoing piloting of the tool in Peru and Cambodia, and from additional pilots that are underway in a range of countries.

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