Forest Carbon Innovations Working Group

The Forest Carbon Innovations Working Group is a multi-stakeholder group formed to explore the key barriers and opportunities for forest carbon activities and identify and prioritize recommendations for how standards and their supporting methodologies and tools could drive finance to forest carbon activities. The Working Group kicked off in September 2020 and is examining key questions surrounding challenges faced by different types of forest carbon projects, considering how to streamline/improve the existing VCS Program requirements, and exploring how non-carbon benefits, potentially assessed by other Verra standards, could unlock additional finance for forest carbon project development and implementation. The Working Group is supported by an Ad Hoc Advisory Group that is occasionally asked to provide input on Working Group products.

The Terms of Reference for this working group can be found here.

Forest Carbon Innovations Working Group Members:

  • Simon Bird, Wildlife Works
  • Maria Fernanda Buitrago, South Pole
  • MaryKate Bullen, Forest Investment Associates
  • Juan Chang, Permian Global
  • Joel Deboer, EP Carbon
  • Pina Gervassi, Forest Stewardship Council
  • Adam Gibbon, AXA Investment Managers
  • Andrea Guerrero García, Transforma and Verra Board
  • George Kipkorir Tarus, Forestry Society of Kenya
  • Jose Luis Fuentes Perez, AENOR
  • Cam Moore, The Nature Conservancy
  • Jamey Mulligan, Amazon
  • Christie Pollet-Young, SCS Global
  • Matt Ramlow, World Resources Institute
  • Diego Saez Gil, Pachama
  • David Shoch, TerraCarbon
  • Suraj Vanniarachchy, Macquarie Bank Limited
  • Sarah Walker, Wildlife Conservation Society

Ad Hoc Advisory Group Members:

  • Diego Arango, South Pole
  • Nicholas Berry, The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group LLP
  • Anthony DeMars, GHD
  • James Eaton, Ostrya Conservation
  • Irina Fedorenko, Oxford University
  • Ruben Goldsztayn, Forliance
  • Salim Kilic, Carbon Emission (Greenhouse Gas) Reduction and Control Association
  • James Liu, Land Life Company
  • Lauren Mechak, ClimeCo
  • Agustín Muñoz del Guayo, Urban Health Network for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Kenneth Omokhafe, Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria
  • Jason Schatz, Descartes Labs
  • James Smith, WBCSD
  • Caio Soares Ribeiro Gallego, Biofílica
  • Tara Sriram, VNV Advisory Services LLP
  • David Torres, Lumina Decision Systems
  • Anne-Kathrin Weber, Perspectives Climate Group
  • Jordan Wildish, US Chapter (American Forests)


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