Blue Carbon Working Group

The Blue Carbon Working Group is a multi-stakeholder group that has been formed to explore key barriers and opportunities for coastal wetland restoration and conservation (WRC) activities, and identify and prioritize recommendations for how standards and their supporting methodologies and tools could drive finance to WRC activities. The Working Group kicked off in January 2020, and will examine key questions surrounding challenges faced by different types of coastal WRC projects, consider how to streamline the existing VCS Program WRC requirements, and explore how non-carbon benefits, potentially assessed by other Verra standards, could unlock additional finance for WRC project development and implementation.

The Terms of Reference for this working group can be found here.

Current Members:

  • Blanca Bernal, Winrock International
  • Sara Betancur & Juan David Mira, SouthPole
  • Steve Crooks & Igino Emmer, Silvestrum Climate Associates
  • Steve Emmett-Mattox, Strategic Collaborations, LLC
  • Leah Glass, Blue Ventures
  • Dorothee Herr, IUCN
  • Jen Howard, Conservation International
  • Shawn McMahon, Aster Global
  • Scott Settelmyer, TerraCarbon
  • Stef Simpson, The Nature Conservancy
  • James Smith, Althelia
  • Suraj Vanniarachchy, Worldview International Foundation

Our Work

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