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We are committed to making Verra a great place to work. Below are the current employment opportunities, all applications should be submitted to employment@verra.org:


Standards Development Director

Verra seeks a Standards Development Director to oversee the development of new standards and support the evolution of existing Verra frameworks to maximize their contributions to climate, environmental and social outcomes.

Market Development Director

Verra seeks a Market Development Director to lead efforts to strengthen demand for the suite of Verra standards by engaging end users and managing a team of professionals dedicated to customer engagement, market development and brand building.

REDD+ Market Development Manager

Verra seeks a REDD+ Market Development Manager to help seek recognition of the VCS Program in emerging markets and resolve key methodological issues related to agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) projects and programs.

Junior Program Officer

Verra seeks a Junior Program Officer to work as part of the Verra program team, which interacts with a wide array of stakeholders to ensure the quality of projects and government-led programs seeking certification under the standards frameworks Verra manages.

Communications Manager

Verra seeks a Communication Manager to lead our communications efforts, including digital and print media and public relations. The ideal candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills, project management experience, and an ability to work in a self-directed manner while incorporating input from across our team.


Verra does not currently have any openings for interns.

Our Work

Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR)

Driving private investment in REDD+ at multiple scales

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Verified Carbon Standard

The VCS Program is the world’s leading voluntary program for the certification of GHG emission reduction projects

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Initiative for Climate Action Transparency

Supporting countries around the world in the evaluation of the climate, sustainable development and transformational impacts of their policies and actions 

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